štipendiranje mladih Romov

Romedia Foundation Internship/Razpis madžarske romske fundacije- Romedia za štipendiranje mladih Romov s področja: avdio-vizualni mediji, etnična identiteta Romov

November 3, 2011
With the support of the Open Society Roma Initiatives, the Romedia Foundation announces a call for applications for a six-month internship for young Roma civil society professionals beginning in January 2012.

The Romedia Foundation is a Roma nongovernmental organization based in Budapest, Hungary. It works to contribute to a positive perception of Roma ethnic identity, combat anti-Romani prejudice and provide alternative information to policy makers through films and videos, international multimedia campaigns, and public events.

The internship has the following main objectives:

To familiarize Roma interns with the audiovisual tools availabe to bring the voice of Roma to large audiences, thus challenging stereotypes and helping to develop a common, positive and constructive Roma identity
To provide interns with working experience in professional film production in the Romedia Foundation studio and, when possible, on location at film shoots–to provide them with the opportunity to take part in the work of a professional film/television team, learn scripting, camera work, editing and producing on a basic level
To provide interns with an insight into the situation of Roma in Europe and around the world
To enable interns to enrich and put into practice the knowledge they have acquired during their studies or professional careers
Upon completion of the internship, and using the material produced during the internship, the intern is expected to implement a community service project in his or her own community.

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